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Tv Debut in my Fifties with my New Business

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Tv Debut in my Fifties with my New Business

How can I have got this far in a short space of time?

Hi everyone, I am so sorry for the delay in writing this blog, however, I have been really busy sorting things out for my amazing Tv Debut in my Fifties with my New Business.

This is me on  Hochanda on Wednesday, September 16th at 9.00am.  It was  amazing, me a Barnsley girl on telly.  The viewers were brilliant and rang in saying it was lovely to see me on there, I was like a breathe of fresh air and I get to do it all again in December. 

This is all unbelievable for me, a normal Barnsley girl (well, I suppose my friends would question that) going on Tv, ever since I was in my early twenties (quite a while ago), I wanted to be on TV, thinking maybe weather girl. 

So here I am now, appearing on Tv promoting my fabulous knitting kits and of course I was able to launch my new craft product, which is my 3 in 1 Pom Pom Maker (see my shop for more details).  This was an amazing experience, from getting ready with my kits for the show to travelling to the studio.  All of the presenters and staff were absolutely amazing and so helpful.  It was really busy as the orders kept coming in and I kept getting lovely comments from the viewers.

What an amazing experience and get to keep on doing it!

Things I needed to sort when turning my hobby into a business

There is a lot to think about when setting up a business:-

  • Sorting the name of your business, making sure no-one else has it.
  • learning about techy things (this has been a challenge on its own), including having a website set up.

However, it’s one of the best things I’ve done (did I say how proud I was of myself!).

New Product

This is one of my biggest achievements, from designing the product on paper, then having prototypes made and changing it and making sure it does what it says it does on the box, to have a graphic designer make the box and designing it.

 There was a lot of things to think about:-

  • Packaging
  • Pictures
  • Instructions
  • Testing the product
  • Promoting it 

Now a Techy Geek (haha!)

I feel I can call myself this as I have learnt loads about IT, not saying I’m brilliant at it, but I am getting there.


I have managed to set up a channel which is called Knitaway for all my tutorials, making it easier for people to follow my patterns, they prefer watching someone doing the actual pattern. I have tried to make sure my branding follows everything I do as it makes it look more recognisable for my company. 

It’s amazing what you can play around with on YouTube, from editing on IMovie and I feel I am getting better at it, the more I download my tutorials on there.  I can also link my channel with my Website (which again, a bit proud).

My Website

Look at this! I have also worked out, after watching a YouTube tutorial on how to put downloadable patterns onto my website. Once, I worked it all out and tested it with my friends, from purchasing the pattern, right through to the downloading of the pattern for the customer, it worked! and people are loving it.


This is something I am looking at doing as I want people to be able to follow me with my journey and show everyone the new knitting kits which are coming out and other exciting things.

 So why not subscribe to my newsletter!           

Follow Me!

Why not follow me on my journey and you can do that on my Instagram account, which is knit.away and I will keep posting new and exciting things.

There’s a lot more I need to do, like looking at Pinterest and twitter in more detail and working out how they can work for my business.

If you would like any help and you have any questions on how I have done everything, then please send me a message through my website in the contact section and I will try to help you wherever I can.

Bye for now!

Michelle – Knitaway

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