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You can set up a business in your fifties!

We aim to inspire and teach you to create your own knitting!

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You can set up a business in your fifties!

Where am I at?

I have been designing a new product for my crafting business – very exciting, but a little scary.

  • Having the prototypes done from pen to paper, to see it made up and trying to use local companies, that was very exciting.
  • Playing with it and making sure it does what it says on the box, to taking photographs of it and writing the instructions to go with the product, bear in mind this is all new to me.
  • Working with a great graphic designer, called Nathaniel, who he is busy, busy, busy designing the packaging for my product. I will tell you more about him in my next blog once the packaging is all complete and we start shouting about it. My friend Janet is my tester of the product and she is brilliant, coming up with her own ideas for the product as well.  
  • In the next month, I will be able to tell you more about what I’m doing as this is my ongoing project until all the different elements of actually getting it into a box ready for selling.

I wonder what this could be?

My Website

Oh, my word!  This has been the scariest part for me as when I had my website done, the lady who made it for me Alex made a video training session so I was able to go back on bits, as you know what it is like we forget everything 5 minutes after.  Then she was gone! Letting me get on with it and have a play, well not literally gone but she thought I would be ok with the training.

The day after I looked at my laptop and thought, dare I go on and do something with my website.  One of the biggest problem for me was, what if I mess it up and press the wrong buttons?

Well, I brought my training video up on my iPad while working on the laptop so that I could get on with it.  My first job was to put on my products and I had a few blips, but I did it! 

I am at the stage that I can use a lot of it now, however, still, a lot to learn about the SEO part (search optimization engine), that sounds good. Neil Maycock from Digital Impact Solutions has given me some training on this as it’s not easy knowing what to do.

Social Media


Each time I post I am getting better as I have some training from Danni at Xpand Marketing, who was brilliant.  I still need some more as each time you start to play with your account others questions starts to arise.

My story on Instagram is a new one for me, I even have my 13-year-old daughter helping me to post things on here as this helps people get to know a bit about your personality and saving them on to my highlights for people to see (yes I know what highlights are, not the ones in your hair!).


Funny Story

 The other week I was scrolling through my Instagram and came across a guy called Jack, now when I went into his account, he had 29,000 followers and he had just put something on his story about Hyacinth (Mrs Bucket to us) and it was really funny. 

So, I made a comment and did not expect him to reply, but he did and oh my word I was so giddy like I was 21 again thinking that what I would call a “Biggy” on Instagram replying to me. 

He’s so funny and he’s started following me, just a normal Barnsley girl (well not sure about normal, ha-ha).

If you get the chance go and have a look at his account on Instagram @jackdmarch.!

My Family

I have a son, who is 20 in September and he has set up his own business and if you get a chance go and have a look at him on eBay, his business is called seewhatyoulike, he has inspired me as he set his business up in September and is now an eBay business seller. 

Oliver sells old things (no not me!) from things like the polaroid camera’s, bakerlight phones and loads of different old phones, the other month he brought home a teasmade, which brought back loads of memories for me and his dad. 

I must admit when he brings home new stock, we do get excited looking through them and when Oliver can’t get them working that’s when dad jumps in and most of the time gets things working, however people still want them if they don’t work.  So proud of him as has done well for himself.

I have a daughter called Lille who is 13 years old going on 16 (ha-ha!), but she’s doing well in this lockdown and making sure her homework is done, mostly on time. 

She has been doing a bit of modelling for me and yes I have to pay her, Oliver also pays her to put some of his items on eBay, so what she does is look at the clothes she wants to buy and this is what inspires her do it, otherwise she wouldn’t do it, which is fine. 

I have been teaching her to do arm knitting and when I ask if she is enjoying it, the answer is it is alright but I can tell she is enjoying it as it grows quickly and does look lovely. 

She has been teaching me how to use Snapchat with all the filters for your photographs.

My husband, Steve just helps us all out when we have various issues, like Oliver’s stuff he gets for eBay, to playing with the hamster with Lillie, as she is a little scared of it biting her.  To helping me with designing my new product or if I’m not sure how something fits together, he’s our man.

I would love you to follow me on my journey

I have some exciting things happening towards the end of the year, but I can’t tell you about it yet, but I am a bit giddy about it and of course the launch of my new product. 

I hope what I’m doing with my blog is letting people know what sort of things you need to consider when starting up a business and helping them wherever I can. 

Again, if there is anyone that wants to help me with my journey, that would be greatly appreciate it.

If there is anything you would like me to cover in my blog, please let me know and any comments to what you think to my blog will be appreciated.


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